Author Interview: Tony DiGerolamo

Today, I am interviewing author, screenwriter, comic book writer, and more…Tony DiGerolamo. His credits include Politically Incorrect, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, The Simpsons comic books, and Comedy Central’s Daily Show website. Read Tony’s interview below to learn his opinion on the current comedic scene and his advice for making writing your primary income.

What inspired you to begin writing? 

In the first grade, the school offered short story contest.  The prize was a free McDonald’s hamburger.  I won so many times, the school asked me to stop entering so some of the other kids could win.

How did you obtain the writing gigs you mentioned?

Through friends I had gone to school with or knew through the improv scene.  Then later, because of my credits and just applying at the right time.

Who is your favorite person to collaborate with?

Col-lab-or-ate?  What is this word?  Actually, Christian Beranek is probably the only other writer I seriously collaborate with.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Conan O’Brien, because I think he’d be fun to work with.

How does your writing process change, if at all, based on the format you are writing? (i.e. screenwriting versus novellas.)

Not much really.  I started with screenplays and still use the three act structure for almost everything.  My novellas are very dialogue driven.  I don’t really like to add too much description.  Slows everything down.  And, quite frankly, I’d rather picture the characters in my head my own way.  But with the novellas, I force myself to write more description.  Lots of times, I go back and add it because I realize it’s too sparse.  For screenplays, it depends on who I’m writing them for.  These days, I don’t do full length spec scripts.  They’re kind of a waste of time.

Is writing your primary source of income? If so, do you have any advice for those seeking to make it their primary income?

Mostly.  The virus derailed me somewhat.  Currently in a rebuilding mode.

My advice, land a job where you don’t have to pay attention and you can write while you do it.  Like security guard or something.

What do you like to read?

These days, not much.  Too busy.  I’ve been stuck on chapter five of the Gulag Archipelago.  Normally, I read political stuff on the Internet so I can complain about it on my YouTube Channel.

What is your favorite type of humor?

I like it all with few exceptions.  The Meta stuff isn’t all that great and these days, “comedians” have turned into serious news casters.  Usually if you’re not right on the border of pissing people off, you’re not very funny.  Too many of the comics are playing it safe now, with some exceptions.  Comedy has also become way too self-important.  People need to laugh, Goddammit.  If I wanted to be bored by your woke politics, I’d read the comments on the Twitter feed.

It’s time for comedy to be dangerous again.  That time is coming soon…

If given a clean slate, endless money, and no restrictions, what would you do and why?

Clean slate?  WTF do you think I did?!  Let’s see, first go on vacation in Vegas for a few weeks.  Then I’d probably turn Wokeistan into a movie because it’s pretty damned funny.  Then I’d start shooting the Pineys TV series, which I would also star in.  Which would both be fun and hilarious.

If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would those be?

Persistently Caffeinated Contrarian

For more information on Tony’s work, check out his social media at the links below and don’t forget to support him by purchasing his works

The Webcomic Factory
Super Frat
YouTube Channel
Bitchute Channel

If you are an author, or have an interesting story, please reach out to me so we can connect!

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